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Links and email addresses

Discussion in 'Bradford City related Links' started by king karl, Apr 14, 2019.

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  1. king karl

    king karl Administrator
    Admin Moderator Supporter P.L.23/24 Entrant

    Apr 8, 2018
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    If anyone has any useful links or email addresses etc message me and I will add to the list

    Official Bradford City website https://www.bradfordcityfc.co.uk/

    Supporters board website http://www.supportersboard.com/

    Early learning Alternative City forum http://thecowsarse.boards.net/

    Bantam Talk Twitter https://twitter.com/bantamtalk?lang=en

    Main Club Reception & Mascot Enquiries
    T. 01274 773355
    E. reception@bradfordcityfc.co.uk

    Ticket Office
    T. 01274 770012
    E. ticketingsupport@bradfordcityfc.co.uk
    W. https://www.bcfc.talent-sport.co.uk

    Club Shop
    T. 01274 734521
    E. thecityshop@bradfordcityfc.co.uk
    W. http://www.thecityshop.co.uk/

    Matchday Banqueting and Match Sponsorship
    T. 01274 773355
    E. laurahutchinson@bradfordcityfc.co.uk
    W. https://www.bradfordcityfc.co.uk/commercial/hospitality/

    Non-Match Events, eg Venue Hire, Weddings, Events, Meeting Room Hire etc.

    T. 01274 706 848 (Nicky Driver)
    E. BradfordCityFC@cgceventcaterers.co.uk
    W. https://www.bradfordcityfcevents.co.uk/

    Commercial Sponsorship/Box Enquiries
    T. 01274 773355 (Michael Shackleton & Laura Hutchinson Commercial Managers)
    E. commercial@bradfordcityfc.co.uk
    W. http://www.bcafccommercial.co.uk/

    Operations, Safeguarding and Inclusion Officer
    T. 01274 773355 (Paula Watson)
    E. safeguarding@bradfordcityfc.co.uk

    Bantams Business Members
    E. mickrussell@bradfordcityfc.co.uk
    W. https://www.bradfordcityfc.co.uk/commercial/business-membership/

    Media & PR Enquiries
    T. 01274 773355
    E. ryansparks@bradfordcityfc.co.uk

    Bradford City Community Foundation
    Soccer Camps, out-of-school and in-school clubs through our successful Community Foundation Scheme. Includes Disability Team and Women/Girls Bradford City Teams

    T. 01274 706850
    E. Ian.ormondroyd@bcfccommunity.co.uk
    W. http://www.bradfordcityfitc.org.uk

    Bradford City Disability FC
    T. 07818 515639 (Jaimie Dorward, Disability Liaison Officer)
    E. jaimiedorward@bradfordcityfc.co.uk
    W. www.bradfordcitydfc.co.uk
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    #1 king karl, Apr 14, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
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