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New Profile Posts

  1. gingercafu
    gingercafu king karl
    Hi, can I post a message to sell new City top. It's an unwanted gift.
    1. king karl
      king karl
      Yes no worries
      Jul 30, 2023
  2. gingercafu
    gingercafu Admin
    Hi, can I post a message to sell the new City kit? It's an unwanted gift.
  3. ahar964
    I know full backs
  4. Matty H BCDFC
    Matty H BCDFC Dennis
    I go your email Thankyou
  5. trevor
    Ready for promotion!!
  6. FrenchBantam
    Whats your wattsap number Paul?
  7. Chippy
    Chippy FrenchBantam
    Be good to see you again mate, not been out much since covid obviously trying to keep Karen's auntie Jackie safe. Unfortunately she passed away in March so me and Karen started going out again. Then a month ago I had a bleeding heart attack so recovering and adjusting my lifestyle dramatically. I'm okay now just rattle a bit with all the medication.
  8. CamBantam
    Half Man , Half Pug dog
  9. Big bad bobby
    Big bad bobby Bigrod
    I’ve not done this before. Is this a private message to just you
  10. King Cole
    King Cole borderlescott
    We disagreed on xG but, boy, did we both get it right on that detestable failure of a manager! Best wishes and I'll never question the reasoning behind xG again!!
    1. borderlescott likes this.
    2. borderlescott
      Ha ha. Hallelujah he’s gone. Im sure you’ll be raising a glass tonight as I will :-)
      Feb 15, 2022
      King Cole likes this.
  11. King Cole
    King Cole Bantamsteve
    Hi Steve, I think we were the first to spot we'd got a dud in Adams. Thank God he's gone.
    1. Bantamsteve
      Yeah we took a few peters from September onwards but us "old UN's" usually know best
      Feb 15, 2022
  12. Inspector
    In time you’ll realise that it’s only a game.
  13. trevor
    4-3-3 The formation of winners
  14. Rcbantam
    Rcbantam SimonW
    evening. I'm having posts deleted because they're being duplicated. this isn't intentional at my end. once sent, I get a message saying I cant post for 30 seconds, so have to wait. When in fact its actually sent in the first place so end up posting the same thing twice. let your mods know I'm not doing it on purpose. many thanks...
  15. Ulysses S Grant
    Ulysses S Grant
    It's been the devil's own day Cump, lick em tomorrow though
  16. Ollylondonbantam
    Was London now Amsterdam
  17. Bolton_Junction_Baz
    Having teouble with this site
  18. Niall
    Twitter: @NiallC01
  19. Kevin1954
    Flip flop spotter!
  20. CamBantam
    CamBantam Ulysses S Grant
    I suspose you've read the Killer Angels :0