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New Profile Posts

  1. Offside
    Vaccinated survivor
  2. Campbell's soup
  3. Carts #CTID
    Carts #CTID
  4. Kevin1954
    Back after a couple of years .Now living in East Anglia. House finished, dog trained Now practicing at being retired .
  5. trevor
    Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are
  6. Campbell's soup
    Campbell's soup
    It’s nearly time for the End Game.
  7. trevor
    Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are
  8. trevor
    Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are
  9. trevor
    Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are
  10. Ulysses S Grant
    Ulysses S Grant
    In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins. ~ Ulysses S. Grant
  11. shoatsy
    Happy clapper
  12. Costellobunch
    When those players go out on field they should be giving 100%, not one player does that. It simple school boy errors time over.
  13. Costellobunch
    Everyone saying SMC out, I fully understand. There is no formation to the team. The major problem is no one can put it in back of net!!!
  14. Nick Bantam
    Nick Bantam Keefly Bantam
    Thanks for your post reply.
  15. Meltham Massive
    Meltham Massive Rogered Tart
    Ive never worked in the corporate side of football, do work in the corporate world of non football though!
    Very nearly took up a job at City when Gordon Gibb was in charge, however when it came down to it he wanted me to take over a 50% pay cut from my role at the time “for the love of the club and a unique opportunity to work in the football sector!”........ I politely turned him down.
    1. Rogered Tart likes this.
  16. Exeter gently
    Exeter gently
    Gerrittt forrad !!!!
  17. Bigrod
    Bigrod bantam65
    Sorry but not acceptable.
  18. Campbell's soup
  19. Campbell's soup
    Campbell's soup
    WWG1WGA - hold tight, it’s gonna be a fun ride.
  20. Campbell's soup