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New Profile Posts

  1. bantam65
  2. Charlie Firth
  3. Steeton
    Announce league title & quadruple
  4. Bradford End
    Bradford End
    Going UP !!!
  5. Bigrod
    Bigrod Tennesseebantam
    Pretty damn hot in Cephalonia!
  6. Steeton
    Remembering the late, great Dean Richards. Born #OnThisDay in Bradford, 1974. 97 appearances and 7 goals in all competitions for City. RIP
  7. Bantamsteve
    Resigned to the inevitable since Walsall
  8. Glenn Ackroyd
    Glenn Ackroyd Goose
    Hi, you can email me if you'd like to convey a message to Julian. I can't release Julian's email without his permission. Let me know the message and I'll pass it to him.


  9. Pineapple Salesman
    Pineapple Salesman
    Gary Bowyer’s Bradford Army
  10. Campbell's soup
    Campbell's soup
    We want the real Fordy back.
  11. Campbell's soup
    Campbell's soup
    Chim Chim Cheree!
  12. BSABantam74
    "Kluck of the Lightweights"
  13. Gardscoigne
    Gardscoigne SimonW
    Hi Simon, can I just ask if there’s a way to turn email notifications off please? Done some digging in account settings and can’t find it!
  14. bantam65
    Why does my tie shrink every year?
  15. vin weasel
    vin weasel
    good to be back
  16. Telesto
    Telesto SimonW
    I've never got a Solo Chicken Dinner but a few team ones
    1. SimonW
      hmm how did I miss these messages? Anyway, sent you a friends request. I have one Solo Chicken Dinner and 4 Squad ones
      Feb 22, 2019
  17. Telesto
    Telesto SimonW
    I'm dreadful at PUBG too but I love playing it. My Steam name is the same. I'm the handsome chap in the blue check shirt. :)
  18. Interested Bystander
    Interested Bystander
    97% Iron, 2% Bantam,1% Swift
  19. trevor
    The cure for ignorance is knowledge. There is no cure for stupidity.
  20. Offside
    Proud to be a 64er