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New Profile Posts

  1. Bigrod
    Bigrod bantam65
    Sorry but not acceptable.
  2. Campbell's soup
  3. Campbell's soup
    Campbell's soup
    WWG1WGA - hold tight, it’s gonna be a fun ride.
  4. Campbell's soup
  5. Frank Castle
    Frank Castle
  6. Bradford End
    Bradford End
    So fecking what
  7. cwright75
  8. Campbell's soup
    Campbell's soup
    Goonies Never Say Die
  9. Offside
    Convict 99 in lockdown
  10. Keefly Bantam
    Keefly Bantam
    Bring back the poop emoji
  11. cjunluck
    cjunluck Bantamholic
    Hi mate, could you link us that stream?
  12. Campbell's soup
    Campbell's soup
    Stupid Deaths, Stupid Deaths They're funny 'cause they're true Stupid Deaths, Stupid Deaths Hope next time it's not you!
  13. Bantamsteve
    Resigned to the inevitable since Carlisle away
  14. Campbell's soup
    Campbell's soup
    Can you make a cup of tea in less than 30 seconds? If the answer is ‘no’ you need a Quooker Tap.
  15. Chipolata
    Meaty little member
  16. Offside
    It's grim oop North
  17. Campbell's soup
  18. Interested Bystander
    Interested Bystander parader123
    Couldn't resist it
  19. bantamlad92
    bantamlad92 SimonW
    Hi mate, yes I’m based in Bradford. Let me know what further details you require
  20. Campbell's soup
    Campbell's soup
    Merry whatever.